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Fighting for Alabama taxpayers. Fighting against the Alabama gas tax. Join our fight!

For years, special-interest groups have stalked the state capital with an army of highly-paid, full-time lobbyists waging a relentless campaign to raise the gas tax—the motive being to enrich themselves at the expense of Alabama taxpayers.

In the past, elected officials have stood strong, refusing to raise the gas tax because they knew taxes were not the solution. It is a simple fact that Alabama already collects more than enough taxes to build and maintain its roads and bridges. The real problem: waste, corruption, and fiscal irresponsibility. The real solution: reform and good governance.

This year, our elected officials have joined forces with the special-interest groups, plotting to ram through a gas-tax increase on the people of Alabama, with Governor Kay Ivey and Speaker Mac McCutcheon leading the charge.

This is a shameful state of affairs: instead of undertaking the hard work that reform and good governance requires, they are taking the easy way out and raising taxes on the hardworking people of Alabama.

Together, we can fight the gas tax. Together, WE can stop the gas tax.