MONTGOMERY—On Wednesday afternoon, Stop the Alabama Gas Tax once again called on Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth to speak out against Governor Ivey’s gas-tax proposal—which would result in the largest increase in the gas tax in the state of Alabama’s history.

“Will Ainsworth spent four years professing to be against tax increases, as a state representative and then as a candidate for the office of lieutenant governor,” Ralph Long, chairman of Stop the Alabama Gas Tax said Wednesday.

“He even spoke out against raising the gas tax, saying in a video published on his YouTube channel but since deleted, ‘Before we look at [raising the gas tax] we need to cut waste, reduce the size of government, and look at best prac-tices in other states.’”

“Yet, now, with an all-out push underway for the largest gas-tax increase in state history, Ainsworth is silent. Why? Was he being dishonest then? Or is he being cowardly now?”

Last year, while on the campaign trail, Ainsworth penned an op-ed discussing taxes, budget reform, and a commonsense, conservative approach to addressing our state’s financial situation.

“Alabamians are taxed enough already,” he wrote. “That is why I have dedicated my term in the Alabama House toward fighting the tax raisers, combating new levies, and killing tax bills that were introduced.”

“Attempting to raise taxes without first addressing earmarking,” Ainsworth continued, “is like pouring water into a bucket that has a large hole in the bottom of it.”

Ainsworth vowed to use the “bully pulpit of the lieutenant governor’s office to make another push for commonsense, conservative un-earmarking legislation. By right-sizing state government, attacking waste where it exists, and removing the handcuffs that earmarks present, Alabama can resolve its fiscal problems without forcing its citizens to pay more taxes.”

Ralph Long concluded, “Now is the time to make good on those campaign promises, which won him the right to be called Lieutenant Governor. His lack of action will win him the right to be called something else: All-Talk Ainsworth.”